William Godwin's Diary

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Jesuita (13  August  1827) Possibly:
Penguião, João Rodrigues de Sá e Meneses (attributed to)Panegyrici Cromwello scripti, unus a legato Protugallici Regis, alter a quodam Jesuita. 1654
OR Previously recorded in WG's diary for 1808-07-27 and 1826-04-24:
Baxter, RichardReliquiae Baxterianae: or, Mr. Richard Baxter's narrative of the most memorable passages of his life and times. Faithfully published from his own original manuscript by Matthew Sylvester. (1 volume in three parts) 1696
Variant title: Life of the reverend Mr. Richard Baxter. The third part.
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds editions of these materials.

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