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C Gerard (7  August  1827) Author unknownA true relation of the great plot discovered against His Highness the Lord Protector. The full particulars of this lamentable and bloody conspiracy; the way laying of him as he was going to Hampton Court, and their design to have fallen on his person in the chappel. Also, the taking of the Marquess of Dorchesters secretary, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Col. Gerrard, and divers other gentlemen, their examination before the Council, and the committing them to the Tower of London. Likewise, a proclamation of His Highness thereupon; and the order and instructions sent to the Lord Mayor, for due execution of the same. 1654
(Thomason Tracts)
WG's History of the Commonwealth (7:76) cites:
Cobbet[t], State Trials, Vol. V … (see annotation of WG's diary 1813-03-16)
True Relation of the Plot
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. Editions of all of the cited materials are currently held by the British Library.

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