William Godwin's Diary

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Cromwel (25  May  1827) Cromwell, Oliver Unable to identify specific title(s) read on this date.
WG's History of the Commonwealth (6:514 ff.) discusses Cromwell's main aims in 1653. WG cites the following materials:
Several Proceedings, No. 187 (See annotation of WG's diary for 1826-09-07)
Parliamentary History, Vol. XX ( 1813-03-16)
Moderate Publisher ( 1826-09-07)
Perfect Politician ( 1826-06-15)
Order Books [of the council of state], in the State Paper Office
Thurloe [Collection of State Papers] ( 1818-08-26)
Ludlow [Memoirs] ( 1804-07-06)
Perfect Diurnal, No. 181 ( 1826-09-07)
Whitlocke [Memorials of English Affairs] ( 1804-07-12)
Leicester's Journal ( 1825-08-06)
Carrington, Life of Cromwell ( 1828-03-12)
Letters and Papers of State, Collected by Milton ( 1826-11-27)
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds editions of Thurloe, Ludlow, Whitlocke, Leicester, and Perfect Politician. The newspapers Several Proceedings, Moderate Publisher, Perfect Diurnal are among the Thomason Tracts, British Library.

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