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Fornication (16  May  1827) Scobell, HenryA collection of acts and ordinances in Parliament, from 3 November 1640 to 17 September 1656 … a continuation of Pulton's collection. (2 parts) 1657-1658
WG's sale catalog lists:
Acts and Ordinances in Parliament, Nov. 1640. Sept. 1656, a Continuation of Pulton's Collection, by Henry Scobell 1658 (item 395).
WG's History of the Commonwealth (6:506) discusses parliament's passage of a bill in 1650 suppressing incest, adultery, and fornication. He cites the following sources:
Journals [of the House of Commons] (see annnotation of WG's diary for 1822-01-27)
Scobel, 1650, cap. 10 [Scobel's Collection of Acts and Ordinances]. (see below)
Hume [History of England] ( 1795-06-24)
Brodie [History of the British Empire] ( 1822-06-08)
WG reads in the British Museum on this date. The British Library currently holds editions of all these items except Brodie.

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