William Godwin's Diary

Texts Godwin Read


20 April (8  May  1827) Unable to identify specific title read on this date.
WG's History of the Commonwealth (6:452-5 and 6:471 ff.) discusses Oliver Cromwell's dispersal of parliament on April 20, 1653 and his imposition of military authority. WG cites the following material:
Whitlocke [Memorials of English Affairs] (see WG's annotation of diary for 1804-0-12)
Parliamentary History ( 1813-03-16)
Perfect Politician ( 1826-06-15)
Heath [Brief chronicle] ( 1826-08-15)
Ludlow [Memoirs] ( 1804-07-06)
Leicester's Journals ( 1825-08-06)
Dugdale [View of the Troubles] ( 1825-07-27)
WG reads in the British Museum on 1827-05-08. The British Library currently holds editions of all these works.

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