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Biddle (7  May  1827) Possibly:
Biddle, JohnI. H.Twelve arguments drawn out of the Scripture. Wherein the commonly received opinion touching the deity of the Holy Spirit, is clearly and fully refuted. To which is prefixed a letter tending to the same purpose, written to a member of the Honourable House of Commons. And to which is subjoined an exposition of five principall passages of the Scripture, alleadged by the adversaries to prove the deity of the Holy Spirit; together with an answer to their grand objection touching the supposed omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. By Iohn Biddle, Master of Arts. 1647
WG reads this piece in the Thomason Tracts, British Museum.

Biddle, JohnA twofold catechism. The one simply called A Scripture catechism. The other, A brief Scripture-catechism for children. Wherein the chiefest points of the Christian religion, being question-wise proposed, resolve themselves by pertinent answers taken word for word out of the Scripture, without either consequences or comments. Composed for their sakes that fain would be Christians, and not of this or that sect, inasmuch as all the sects of Christians, by what names soever distinguished, have either more or less departed from the simplicity and truth of the Scripture. By John Biddle, Master of Arts of the University of Oxford. 1654
WG reads this piece in the Thomason Tracts, British Museum.
Farrington, JohnJoannis Bidelli (Angli.) Academi oxoniensis quondam artvm magistri celeberrimi vita. 1682 The British Library currently holds an edition of this work.
WG's History of the Commonwealth discusses John Biddle's censure by parliament (7:147-8). Besides the works above, WG cites the following sources:
Journals [of the House of Commons] Jan. 15, 1655 (see annotation of WG's diary for 1822-01-27).
Order Book [of the council of state], Feb. 23, Mar. 2 .

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