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Worcester (9  April  1827) Unable to identify specific title read on this date.
WG's History of the Commonwealth (5:267-74) discusses the battle of Worcester against the invading of army of Charles II ( 1651), citing the following sources:
Clarendon [History of the Rebellion] (see annotation of WG's diary for 1804-04-06)
Several Proceedings, No. 100 ( 1826-09-07)
Cromwelliana ( 1826-06-15)
Whitlocke [Memorials of English Affairs] ( 1804-07-12)
Perfect Politician ( 1826-06-15)
[Bate,] Elenchus motuum, Part II ( 1826-08-30)
Echard [History of England] … ( 1815-04-06)
WG reads in the British Museum on 1827-04-09. Editions of Clarendon, Whitlocke, Bate, Echard, Several Proceedings, and Perfect Politician are currently held in the British Library.

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