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Exact Relation (1  January  1827) L. D., member of the late parliamentAn exact relation of the proceedings and transactions of the late Parliament, their beginning and ending. With a brief account of their expence at the time of their session, and the acts that were made by them, who were dissolved December 12, 1653. As likewise of foure great votes, viz. 1. For abolishing the Court of Chancery. 2. For a new modell of the law. 3. For taking away the power of patrons to make presentations 4. That innocent negative vote of not agreeing with the report of the Committee for Tithes. And an account of some reasons of those votes. With a brief apology in way of vindication of those gentlemen that appeared for the votes, from the great out-cry made against them. By L. D. a member of the late Parliament. 1653
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Exact Relation of the Proceedings of the Parliament, which began July 4, 1653 (6:560, 6:570).
WG reads this work in the British Museum; the British Library currently holds an edition of this work.

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