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Massey (29  August  1826) Massey, Sir EdwardThe declaration of Major Generall Massey. And eighty other English officers and commanders ingaged with the kingdom of Scotland, in behalf of their Presbyterian brethren, in English and Ireland, and the principallitie of Wales. Declaring the grounds and reasons moving them to take up arms in the kingdom of Scotland; admonishing all conscientious Presbyterians not to apostize from their first principles, nor adhere, engage, or take up arms with the rebells at Westminster. Dated at Orkney Island, March 29. 1650. 1650
Charles, King of EnglandA letter from the King of Scots to Major General [Edward] Massey. Intercepted by Col. Duckenfield Governor of Chester, who sent the same to Major General Lambert in a letter. A copy whereof with the originall letter of the King of Scots, was by him sent to the Councel of State. 1651
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Letter, from Charles I to Massey in Scotland, in Tracts, Gift of Geo. III, vol. 506 (5:264-5).
WG reads in the British Museum on 1826-08-29.

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