William Godwin's Diary

Texts Godwin Read


Eus. Andrews (15  August  1826) Lloyd, DavidThe statesmen and favourites of England since the Reformation. 1665; reissued 1670
Heath, JamesA brief chronicle of the late intestine war in the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 1661
Heath, JamesFlagellum; or, The life, death, birth and burial of Oliver Cromwell, the late usurper and pretended protector of England, truly collected and published for a warning to all tyrants and usurpers. 1663
WG's History of the Commonwealth discusses Eusebius Andrews (5:196-7). As well as the titles above, WG's sources include the following:
Whitlocke, Memorials of English Affairs (see annotation of WG's diary 1804-07-12) Echard, The history of England from the first entrance of Julius Caesar and the Romans to the end of the reign of James I ( 1815-04-06) Wood, Athenae Oxoniensis ( 1813-03-24) WG reads in the British Museum on 1826-08-15.

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