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Cooke (7  August  1826) Cook, JohnMonarchy, no creature of God's making, &c. Wherein is proved by Scripture and reason, that monarchicall government is against the minde of God, and that the execution of the late king was one of the fattest sacrifices that ever queen iustice had. Being a hue and cry after lady liberty which hath been ravished and stolne away by the grand potentates of the earth. Principally intended for the undeceiving of some honest hearts who like the poore Iewes cry, give us a king, though they smart never so much for it. 1651
Cook, JohnVindication of the professors and profession of the law; so farre forth as Scripture and right reason may be judge, and speedy justice (which exaults a nation) may be advanced. Wherein is declared what manner of persons Christian magistrates, judges, and lawyers ought to be, how every man ought to serve God by serving his countrey, and that two places were never intended for one man. Occasioned by way of an answer to a printed sheet intituled, Advertisements for the new election of members for the House of Commons. 1646
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
title-page to Monarchy no Creature of Gods Making, published by Cooke in 1652 (5:162).
The Vindication of the Professors and Profession of the Law … (5:224).
WG reads in the British Museum on 1826-08-07.

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