William Godwin's Diary

Texts Godwin Read


Cromwel (15  June  1826) Caulfield, James (compiler)Stace, Machell (compiler?)Cromwelliana. A chronological detail of events in which Oliver Cromwell was engaged. From the year 1642 to his death, 1658. With a continuation of other transactions to the Restoration. 1810
Fletcher, Henry (generally attributed to)Raybould, William (also attributed to)The perfect politician; or, A full view of the life and actions (military and civil) of O. Cromwell. Whereunto is added his character and a compleat catalogue of all the honours conferr'd by him on several persons. 1660
Carte, ThomasThe Irish massacre set in a clear light. Wherein Mr. Baxter's account of it in the History of his own life, and the abridgment thereof by Dr. Calamy, are fully consider'd. Together with two letters from Mr. Chaundler, (the Dissenting teacher of Bath, reviving the aforesaid account) to the Reverend Mr. Thomas Cart at Bath, with his two replies to Mr. Chaundler. 1714
WG's History of the Commonwealth discusses Cromwell's activity in Ireland (5:140-62). He cites the sources above, as well as the following:
Clarendon, Irish rebellion (see annotation of WG's diary for 1821-02-09) Cox, Hibernia anglicana ( 1826-06-13) Whitlocke, Memorials of English affairs ( 1804-07-12) Carte, Life of Ormond ( 1823-03-04) WG reads in the British Museum on 1826-06-15.

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