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Overton (6  June  1826) Overton, RichardMans mortallitie; or, A treatise wherein ‘tis proved, both theologically and philosophically, that whole man (as a rationall creature) is a compound wholy mortall, contrary to the common distinction of soule and body. And that the present going of the soule into Heaven or Hell is a meer fiction. And that at the resurrection is the beginning of our immortality, and then actuall condemnation, and salvation, and not before. With all doubtes and objections answered, and resolved, both by scripture and reason; discovering the multitude of blasphemies, and absurdities that arise from the fancie of the soule. Also divers other mysteries, as, of Heaven, Hell, Christs humane residence, the extent of the resurrection, the new creation &c. opened, and presented to the tryall of better judgments. By R.O. 1643
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Richard Overton, ‘Mans Mortality; or a Treatise proving Man (quatenus animal rationale) a compound wholly mortal' (5:52).
WG reads in the British Museum on 1826-06-06.

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