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Petition, Dec. 1646 (18  February  1825) WG's History of the Commonwealth (3: 268-9) cites the following:
‘A humble representation of the pressing grievances and important desires of the well-affected freemen and covenant-engaged citizens of the city of London to the two houses of parliament.' Tracts, Gift of Geo. III, to the British Museum, Vol. 290.
The common council of London approved this representation and accompanied it with a petition of their own, ‘pray[ing] for the speedy disbanding of the army' (in WG's words). also in the Tracts.
WG also consults the Journals of the House of Commons for the debate on the tumults occasioned by the petition, Dec. 15, 16, 17, 1646.
WG reads concerning the Petition in the British Museum on 1825-02-18.

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