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Vane, &c (10  August  1824) Vane, Sir Henry Unable to identify specific title.
WG reads items by or about Vane in the British Museum. These may include one or more of the following:
Sikes, GeorgeThe life and death of Sir Henry Vane, Kt.; or, A short narrative of the main passages of his earthly pilgrimage; together with a true account of his purely Christian, peaceable, spiritual, gospel-principles, doctrine, life, and way of worshipping God, for which he suffered contradiction and reproach from all sorts of sinners, and at last, a violent death, June 14. anno 1662. To which is added, his last exhortation to his children, the day before his death. 1662
Rogers, JohnA vindication of that prudent and honourable knight, Sir Henry Vane, from the lyes and calumnies of Mr. Richard Baxter … In a monitory letter to the said Mr. Baxter. By a true friend and servant of the Commonwealth of England, &c. 1659
England and Wales. Council of StateEngland and Wales. Lord Protector (Oliver Cromwell)The proceeds of the Protector (so called) and his Councill of State of the Common-wealth of England. As touching his imprisonment in the Isle of Wight. Together with his testimony delivered in writing to the said Protector, by way of a peculiar addresse to himself, and faithfull advice of an old friend and acquaintance. Faithfully transcribed and attested out of the original copy's, and published by a reall well-wisher to Sions properity and Englands liberty. 1656
In the Thomason Tracts (also known as the King's Tracts) in the British Museum.
For Vane's A healing question, see WG's diary for 1818-08-28. For his trial see 1813-03-16.
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Rogers, Vindication of Vane, etc. (5:31).
Sikes, Life of Vane … (5:33).
Proceeds of the Protector (so called) and Council against sir Henry Vane, p. 1 (7:273).
WG's sale catalog lists:
Vane's (Sir Henry) Pilgrimage, unto the Land of Promise, written in 1662, towards the
latter end of his prison state, 1664… (item 825).
Autograph of Lady Vane, 1668, the widow of sir Henry Vane. A manuscript note by Mr.
Godwin states, that [this work is not] in the Bodleian or British Museum Libraries
(p. 34).
Vane:--Life and Death of Sir Henry Vane, knt. by George Sikes, B.D. 1662 (item 826).

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