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Nalson (12  March  1823) Nalson, JohnAn impartial collection of the great affairs of state. (2 volumes) 1682-1683
Nalson, JohnPhelps, JohnEngland and Wales. High Court of Justice for the Trying and Judging of Charles Stuart, King of EnglandA true copy of the journal of the High Court of Justice, for the tryal of K. Charles I. As it was read in the House of Commons, and attested under the hand of Phelps, Clerk to that infamous court. Taken by J. Nalson, L.L.D. Jan. 4. 1683. With a large introduction. 1684
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Nalson, Historical Collections, Vol. 1, p. 545 (1:53).
Additions to Phelps's Journal, by Nalson (4:672).
WG reads Nalson in the British Museum on 1823-03-12

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