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Cartés Ormond (4  March  1823) Carte, ThomasA history of the life of James, duke of Ormond, from his birth in 1610, to his death in 1688. Wherein is contained an account of the most remarkable affairs of his time, and particularly Ireland under his government. In two volumes. To which is added, for the satisfaction of the curious, in another volume, a very valuable collection of letters written either by His Grace, or by the king, the secretaries of state, and other great men in his time and serving to verify the most material facts in the said history. By Thomas Carte, M.A. (3 volumes) 1735-36
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Carte, Life of Ormond, Vol. I, p. 26, et seqq. (2:216).
WG reads Carte in the British Museum on 1823-03-04.

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