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Hyde (9  February  1821) Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of WG may be consulting one of the following in the British Museum:
First recorded (a possible read) on 1804-04-06:
The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641. (3 volumes) 1702-4
The fourth volume, dated 1759, and probably read by WG on 1804-07-15, is titled:
The life of Edward Earl of Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Chancellor of the University of Oxford. 1759
State papers collected by Edward, Earl of Clarendon: commencing from the year 1621: containing the materials from which his History of the great rebellion was composed. (3 volumes) 1767-1786
A brief view and suvey of the dangerous and pernicious errors to church and state, in Mr. Hobbes's book, entitled Leviathan. 1676
The history of the rebellion and civil wars in Ireland. With the true state and condition of that kingdom before the year 1640; and the most material passages and actions which since that time have contributed to the calamities it hath undergone. Written by … Edward Earl of Clarendon. 1719-20 [i.e. 1720]
(also known as Historical view of the affairs of Ireland) WG's sale catalog lists:
Clarendon's History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England and Ireland, 8 vol. 1721 (item 138).
Clarendon's (Edw. Earl of) State Papers, 3 vol. Oxford, 1767-86) (item 435).
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Clarendon's History of the Rebellion … (1:2).
Clarendon State-papers … (2:220).
Life of Clarendon by Himself (1:10).
Clarendon, A Survey of Hobbes's Leviathan … (3:188).
Clarendon, Historical View (5:134)

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