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Wilson, Demosthenes, çala (15  May  1820) DemosthenesWilson, ThomasThe three orations of Demosthenes; chiefe orator among the Grecians, in favour of the Olympians, a people in Thracia, now called Romania. With those of his fower orations titled expressly and by name against King Philip of Macedonie. Most nedefull to be redde in these daungerous dayes, of all them that loue their countries libertie, and desire to take warning for their better auayle, by example of others. Englished out of the Greeke by Thomas Wylson Doctor of ciuill lawes. After these orations ended, Demonsthenes lyfe is set foorth, and gathered out of Plutarch, Lucian, Suidas, and others. With a large table. 1570

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