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E Philips, çala (8  September  1818) Possibly:
Phillips, Edward Unable to identify specific title. For works previously read see WG's diary for 1811-02-12 and 1813-03-08.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Philips:--Illustrious Shepherdess, and the Imperious Brothers, translated from the Spanish, dedicated to the Marchioness of Dorchester and Countess of Stafford, by Edwd. Philips 1656 (item 595).
Phillips's (Edw., Milton's Nephew) Theatrum Poetarum, with Prefatory Discourse of Poets and Poetry 1675 (item 596).
Phillips's (Ed.) Theatrum Poetarum Anglicanorum, with Additions by sir S. E. Brydges Cantab. 1800 (item 598).
Philips' (Edw.) New World of English Words, ports. 1658 (item 872).
--- Another copy 1658 (item 873).
--- Another edition, ports 1678 (item 874).

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