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Churchyard, çala (5  January  1818) Unable to identify specific title. WG's diary records his earlier reading works by Thomas Churchyard on 1814-10-16: The tragedy of Shore's wife and The life of Cardinal Wolsey. OR
Possibly the following:
Churchyard, ThomasThe worthiness of Wales. Wherein are more then a thousand seuerall things rehearsed. some set out in prose to the pleasure of the reader, and with such varietie of verse for the beautifying of the book as no doubt shall delight thousands to understand. 1587
OR the recently published collection:
Churchyard, ThomasChalmers, George (editor)Churchyard's chips concerning Scotland. Being a collection of his pieces relative to that country, with historical notices, and a life of the author… By George Chalmers. 1817
WG's sale catalog lists:
Churchyard's Chips concerning Scotland, with Life and Notes by Geo. Chalmers 1817 (item 131).
Churchyard's Worthynes of Wales 1587, reprint 1776 (item 132).

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