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William Hacket, çala (13  November  1817) Probably:
Cosin, RichardConspiracie for pretended Reformation, viz. Presbyteriall discipline: a treatise, discouering the late designments and courses held for advancement thereof, by William Hacket, yeoman, Edmund Coppinger, and Henry Arthington gent. Out of others depositions and their owne letters, writings and confessions vpon examination. Together with some part of the life and conditions, and the two inditements, arraignment and execution of the sayd Hacket. Also an answere to the calumniations of such as affirme they were mad men; and a resemblance of this action unto the like, happended heretofore in Germanie. Vltimo Septembris. 1591. Published now by authoritie. 1592
Conjecture based on WG's reading on 1817-11-15 of ‘Life of Whitgift' published in collection with ‘Conspiracie' in 1699.

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