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Buccaneers, çala (23  September  1817) Probably:
Burney, JamesA chronological history of the discoveries in the Southsea or Pacific Ocean. 1803-1817
Part 1 Commencing with an Account of the earliest Discovery of that Sea by Europeans, and terminating with the Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, in 1579. Part 2 from the Year 1579 to the Year 1620. Part 3 From the Year 1620 to the Year 1688. Part 4 To the Year 1723, including a History of the Buccaneers of America. Part 5 To the Year 1764. Index.
There are many titles concerning ‘buccaneers,' but WG seems to be reading parts of an extensive work over several days. WG is also acquainted with the author, Captain James Burney.

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