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Lusiad, C. I (2  July  1817) Camões, Luîs deFanshawe, Richard (translator)The Lusiad; or, Portugals historicall poem. Written in the Portingall language by Lvis de Camoens; and now newly put into English by Richard Fanshaw, Esq. … 1655
Camões, Luîs deMickle, William Julius (translator)The Lusiad; or, The discovery of India. An epic poem. Translated from the original portugues of Luis de Camoens. By William Julius Mickle… 1776
Book I of Mickle's translation of the Lusiad was published in 1770 ‘as a speciment of a translation of that celebrated epic poem.'
WG's sale catalog lists:
Camoen's Lusiad, or the Discovery of India, translated by Mickle, plates, 3 vol. 1807 (item 101).
Camoens' Lusiad, transl by Sir Rich. Fanshaw, port. 1655 (item 420).

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