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Harris's Voyages (7  March  1817) Harris, JohnNavigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca; or, a compleat collection of voyages and travels. Consisting of above four hundred of the most authentick writers; beginning with Hackluit, Purchass, &c. in English; Rasmusio in Italian, Thevenot, &c. in French; De Bry, and Grynaei Novis in Latin; the Dutch East-India Company in Dutch; and continued, with others of note, that have publish'd histories, voyages, travels, or discoveries, in the English, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, or Dutch tongues; relating to any part of Asia, Africa, America, Europe, or the islands theeof, to this present time. With the heads of several of our most considerable sea-commanders; and a great number of excellent maps of all parts of the world, and cuts of most curious things in all the voyages. Also, an appendix of the remarkable accidents at sea; and several of our considerable engagements; the charters, acts of parliament, &c. about the East-India trade; and papers relating to the union of the two companies. Throughout the whole all original papers are printed at large; as the Pope's bull to dispose of the West-Indies to the King of Spain; letters patent for establishing companies of merchants; as the Russia, East-India companies, &c. letters from one great prince or state to another, shewing their titles, style, &c. To which is prefixed, A history of the peopling of the several parts of the world, and particularly of America; an account of the ancient shipping, and its successive improvements; together with the invention and use of the magnet, and its variation, &c. By John Harris, … In two volumes. 1705
WG reads this item in the British Museum.

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