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Destruction of Troy, p. 40 (9  January  1817) Lefèvre, RaoulCaxton, William (translator)Fiston, William (editor)The auncient historie, of the destruction of Troy. Conteining the founders and foundation of the said citie, with the causes and maner of the first and second spoiles and sackings thereof, by Hercules and his followers. And the third and last vtter desolation and ruine, effected by Menelaus and all the notable worthies of Greece. Here also are mentioned the rising and flouishing of sundrie kings with their realmes. As also of the decai and ouerthrow of diuers others. Besides many admirable, and most rare exployts of chiualrie and martiall prowesse effected by valorous knightes with incredible euents, compassed for and through the loue of ladies. Translated out of French into English, by W. Caxton. 1596 [i.e. 1597]
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Destruction of Troy, with many admirable Acts of Chivalry and Martial Prowess 1676 (item 375).

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