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Museum, Dugdale, O J (9  August  1816) Dugdale, Sir WilliamOrigines juridicales, or Historical memorials of the English law courts of justice, forms of tryall, punishment in cases criminal, law writers law books, grants and settlements of estates, degree of serjeant, innes of court and chancery. Also a chronologie of the lord chancelors and keepers of the great seal, lord treasurers, justices itinerant, justices of the King's bench and Common pleas, berons of the exchequer, masters of the rolls, kings attorney and sollicitors, and serjeants at law. 1666
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Dugdale, Origines Juridicales (1:31).
WG reads Dugdale at the British Museum on 1816-08-09.

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