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Life of Dunois, p. 52 (30  March  1816) Aulnoy, Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville, comtesse d'The memoirs of the Countess of Dunois; author of the Lady's travels into Spain. Written by her self before her retirement. By way of anwer to Monsieur St. Evremont. Containing withal a modest vindication of the female sex, more frequently injur'd by imprudence and misconstruction, then defect of vertue. Made English from the original. 1699
Translator J.H.
Sometimes author's name is given as Henriette Julie de Murat, countess Dunois ( 1670-1716), a different person from Marie-Catherine, Madame d' Aunoy ( 1650 or 51- 1705).

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