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Rochester, çala (11  July  1815) Possibly the following item recorded in WG's diary on 1814-11-13:
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl ofFamiliar letters. Volume I. Written by the Right Honourable John late Earl of Rochester, and several other persons of honour and quality. With letters written by the most ingenious Mr. Thomas Otway, and Mrs. K. Philips. Publish'd from their original copies. With other modern letters, by Tho. Cheek, Esq.; Mr. Dennis, and Mr. Brown. 1697
OR the following item recorded in WG's diary on 1810-01-08:
Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl ofPoems on several occasions by the Right Honourable, the E. of R--- 1680
WG's sale catalog lists:
Rochester:--Poems, by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, four editions, 1699, 1701-32, and 57… (item 631).

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