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Tutchin (3  April  1815) Possibly the following or some other edition of Tutchin's martyrology:
Tutchin, John (attributed to)The Protestant martyrs; or, the bloody assizes; giving an account of the lives, tryals, and dying speeches of all those eminent Protestants that suffered in the West of England, by the sentence of that bloody and cruel judge Jefferies, being in all 251 persons, besides what were hang'd and destroyed in cold blood. Containing also, the life and death of James Duke of Monmouth, his birth and education, his actions both at home and abroad, his unfortunate adventure in the West, his letter to King James, his sentence, execution and dying-words upon the scaffold, with a true copy of the paper he left behind him, and many other curious remarks worth the reader's observation. 1688?
Tutchin, John (editor)The observator. (11 volumes) 1702-1707
OR one or more items in the controversy over publications in The observator, which Tutchin edited. WG reads Tutchin at the British Museum.

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