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Winstanley (2  April  1815) Winstanley, WilliamEngland's worthies. Select lives of the most eminent persons from Constantine the Great, to the death of Oliver Cromwel late Protector. By William Winstanley, gent. 1660
Winstanley, WilliamThe lives of the most famous English poets; or, The honour of Parnassus. In a brief essay of the works and writings of above two hundred of them, from the time of K. William the Conqueror to the reign of His present Majesty, King James II. Written by William Winstanley, author of The English worthies… 1687
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Winstanley's (Will.) England's Worthies—Select Lives of Eminent Persons 1684 (item 752).
Winstanley's Lives of Famous Poets portrait 1687 (item 753).

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