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Malcolm (22  March  1815) Possibly:
Malcolm, James PellerLondinium redivivum; or, an antient history and modern description of London. Compiled from parochial records, archives of various foundations, the Harleian MSS. and other authentic sources. (4 volumes) 1802-1807
Malcolm, James PellerLives of topographers and antiquaries who have written concerning the antiquities of England, with portraits of the authors, and a complete list of their works, so far as they relate to the topography of this kingdom; together with a list of portraits … and other prints, contained in each work, etc. L.P. 1815
Malcolm, DavidAn essay on the antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland; wherein they are placed in a clearer light than hitherto. Designed as an introduction to a larger work, especially an attempt to shew an affinity betwixt the languages, &c. of the ancient Britains, and the Americans … 1738
Malcolm, DavidA collection of letters, in which the imperfection of learning, even among Christians, and a remedy for it, are hinted. The usefulness of the Celtick is instanced, in illustrating the antiquities of the British Isles, in pointing ou the errors of Mr. Innes … The affinity betwixt the language of the Americans of the Terra Firma, and these of the ancient Britains, is proved. … As also, a collection of papers, in which the proceedings of the Honourable Society of Improvers, the Honourable and leaned Faculty of Advocates, some General Assemblies … are represented. 1739
WG reads Malcolm at the British Museum.

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