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Hall's Chronicle, p. 12 (5  March  1815) Possibly the following, previously annotated for 1803-09-01 with a group of Hall's works:
Hall, EdwardGrafton, RichardThe union of the two noble and illustre families of Lancastre and Yorke, beyng long in continuall discension for the croune of this noble realme, with al the actes done in both the tymes of the princes, both of the one linage and of the other, beginnyng at the tyme of king Henry the fowerth, the first aucthor of this deuision, and so succssiuely proceading to the reigne of the high and prudent prince king Henry the eyght, the indubitate flower and very heire of both the saied linages. Whereunto is added to euery kyng a seuerall table. 1548
Uniform title: Hall's chronicle.
Hall carried his work up to 1532; Richard Grafton continued the work up to the death of Henry VIII from Hall's notes.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Hall's Chronicle, black letter, imperfect, no date (item 835).

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