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Spenser, çala (8  October  1814) Possibly:
Spenser, EdmundBellay Joachim duComplaints. Containing sundrie small poemes of the worlds vanitie. 1591
Includes the following: 1. The ruines of time. 2. The teares of the Muses. 3. Virgils gnat. 4. Prosopopoia, or Mother Hubberds tale. 5. The ruines of Rome, by Bellay. 6. Muiopotmos, or The tale of the butterflies. 7. Visions of the worlds vanitie. 8. Bellayes visions. 9. Petrarches visions. By Ed. Sp[enser].
This collection contains poems by Spenser and Bellay recorded in WG's diary on 1814-10-08, 09, 12, and 15.

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