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Seven Champions, p. 37 (26  March  1814) Possibly:
Johnson, RichardThe most famous history of the seauen champions of Christendome: Saint George of England, Saint Dennis of Fraunce, Saint Iames of Spaine, Saint Anthonie of Italie, Saint Andrew of Scotland, Saint Pattricke of Ireland, and Saint Dauid of Wales. Shewing their honorable battailes by sea and land; their tilts, iousts, and turnaments for ladies; their combats with giants, monsters, and dragons; their aduentures in forraine nations; their inchauntments in the holie land; their knighthoods, prowesse, and chiualrie, in Europe, Affrica, and Asia, with their victories against the enemies of Christ. 1596
There are several pieces with this title by different authors, but the preceding is the oldest discovered in our search.

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