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Baker's Chronicle, çala (14  July  1813) The following item possibly read earlier on 1811-05-09:
Baker, Sir RichardA chronicle of the kings of England from the time of the Romans governement, unto the reigne of our soveraigne lord King Charles. Containing all passages of state and church, casualties, lawes, and ordinances, workes of piety done by them and others, with the personage and conditions, wives and issue, death and buriall, and men of note, living in every Kings reigne. With all other remarkeable observations proper for a chronicle; faithfully collected out of authours ancient and moderne; and digested into a new method, by Sir Richard Baker, Knight. 1643
WG's sale catalog lists:
Baker's (Sir Rich.) Chronicle of the Kings of England 1660 (item 407).
Another edition, portraits 1696 (item 408).

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