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Gadbury (6  July  1813) Gadbury, JohnPseudo-astrologus. Or, The spurious prognosticator unmasked. Being a short examen of the manifold errors and fallacies, falshoods and flatteries published by Mr. W. Lilly in his Merlin 1659. Wherein his ignorance in astrology is explained and exploded; his scandalous girdings at the King of Denmark, Duke of Brandenburgh, and the States of Holland, noted; his nefarious dealing with the late Lord Protector of England, and the King of Sweden, discovered, his impudent, arrogant and artless affections, retorted and refuted. By G.J. [J.G.] a lover of art and honesty. 1660
Gadbury also published several other pieces critical of Lilly's astrology.
WG reads Gadbury at the British Museum.

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