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Ashmole (6  July  1813) Possibly:
Ashmole, EliasSol in ascendente; or, The glorious appearance of Charles the Second, upon the horizon of London, in her horoscopicall sign, Gemini. 1660
There are several other, astrological works by Elias Ashmole, as well as the following:
Ashmole, EliasThe lives of those eminent antiquaries Elias Ashmole, Esquire, and Mr. William Lilly, written by themselves; containing, first, William Lilly's History of his life and times, with notes, by Mr. Ashmole; secondly, Lilly's life and death of Charles the First; and lastly, the life of Elias Ashmole, Esquire. By way of diary. With several occasional letters, by Charles Burman, Esquire. 1774
WG reads Ashmole at the British Museum.

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