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Hawkins (31  March  1813) Possibly:
Hawkins, Sir ThomasOdes of Horace the best of lyrick poets. Contayning much morallity, and sweetnesse. Selected, and translated by Sr. T. Hawkins. 1625
Sir Thomas Hawkins also translated works by Botero, Manzini, Mathieu, Caussin, and Binet.
Hawkins, ThomasThe origin of English drama; illustrated in its various species, viz. mystery, morality, tragedy, and comedy, by specimens from our earliest English writers. With explanatory notes by Thomas Hawkins, M.A. of Magdalene College, Oxford. (3 volumes) 1773
WG's sale catalog lists:
Horace's Odes, Lat. and Eng., transl. and enlarged by Sir T. Hawkins 1638 (item 306).
Hawkins' (Tho.) Origin of the English Drama, illustrated by specimens, with explanatory Notes, 3 vol. Oxf. 1773 (item 279).
WG reads Hawkins at the British Museum on 1813-03-31.

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