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Cromwel, çala (23  July  1812) Unable to identify specific title. WG reads many biographies and books about Oliver Cromwell, most recently the following item recorded on 1810-09-17:
Bancks, JohnA short critical review of the political life of Oliver Cromwell, lord-protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. By a gentleman of the Middle-Temple. 1739
WG's sale catalog lists:
Cromwell:--Life of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector, port. by Vertue 1724 (item 167).
Cromwell:--Life of Oliver Cromwell, Law Protector, by M. Morgan, Gent. made perfect by manuscript 1742 (item 169).
Cromwell:--Letters and Papers of State addressed to Cromwell, found among the Political Collections of John Milton, published by Jo. Nickolls 1743 (item 437)
Noble's (Mark) Memoirs of the Protectorate House of Cromwell, ports. 2 vol. Birm. 1787 (item 573).
Noble's (Mark) Lives of the English Regicides, Manuscript notes, 2 vol. 1798 (item 574).
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
Carrington, Life of Cromwel (6: 529).
Harris, Life of Cromwel (6:587).
Peck, Memoirs of Cromwel (8:595).
Memoirs of Cromwel, by Oliver Cromwel, his Descendant (1: 109).

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