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James I, çala (8  December  1811) WG's sale catalog lists:
James the First's Meditation upon the Lord's Prayer 1609 (item 457).
James I:--Court and Character of King James, by Sir Anthony Weldon, port. 1651
Auleius Coquinarieae, a Vindication in answer, 1650 (item 458).
--- Memorials and Letters relating to his Reign, 2 vol. Grlasg. 1766 (item 459).
James the First's Essayes of a Prentise, and Poetical Exercises, edited by R. P. Gillies, 2
vol. Edinb. 1584, repr 1814 (item 776).
--- Sir Ant. Weldon's Narrative History of the first Fourteen Years of his Reign,
frontispiece 1651 (item 777).
James's the First's Works, published by James Bishop of Winton 1616 (item 849).
Eilson (Arth.) History of the Life and Reign of King James the First, port 1653 (item

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