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Case for Burr (2  November  1811) Possibly one of the following:
United States Circuit Court (4th Circuit)
Coombs, J. M.
Burr, Aaron
The trial of Aaron Burr for high treason: in the Circuit Court of the United States for the district of virginia, summer term, 1807: comprising all the evidence and the opinions of the court upon all motions made in the various tages of the case, with abstracts of arguments of counsel: compiled from authentic reports made during the progress of the trial: to which is added an account of the subsequent proceedings against Burr, Blennerhassett, and Smith, in the same court: with the notes by the compiler on the law of treason, as applicable to the existing rebellion: prefaced by a brief historical sketch of Burr's Western expedition in 1806.
United States Supreme Court
Burr, Aaron
The examination of Col. Aaron Burr before the Chief Justice of the United States: upon the charges of a high misdemeanor, and of treason against the United States; together with the arguments of counsel and opinion of the judge. To which is added an appendix, containing the opinion of the Supreme Court delivered by Chief of Justice Marshall, in the case of Bollman and Swartout.

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