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Life of More, p. 60 (30  June  1811) Roper, William
The mirrovr of vertve in worldly greatnes or, The lie of Syr Thomas More knight, sometime lo. chancellour of England.
Hoddesdon, John
The history of the life and death of Sr. Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England, in King Henry the Eights time. Collected by J. H. Gent.
Originally published in 1652 as Tho. Mori vita & exitus.
More, Cresacre
Life and death of Sir Thomas More
The life and death of Sir Thomas Moore Lord high Chancellour of England. Written by M. T. M. and dedicated to the Queens most gracious Majestie.
Warner, Ferdinando
Memoirs of the life of Sir Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England, in the Reign of Henry Viii. To which is added, His History of Utopia. Translated into English; describing the most perfect state of a common-wealth. In the manners, religion, and polity, of that island. With notes historical and explantory. By Ferdo Warner, L.L.D.

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