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Cotton, çala (17  June  1811) Possibly the following item published with John Hayward (see 1811-05-11):
Cotton, Sir Robert
The histories of the lives and raignes of Henry the Third, and Henry the Fourth, Kings of England. Written by Sr. Robert Cotton, and Sr. Iohn Hayward, Knights.
The history of Henry the Third was written by Cotton.
Possibly the following item first recorded on 1803-01-17 as ‘Cotton':
Cotton, sir Robert (compiler; attributed to)Bowyer, William (compiler; more likely)Bowyer, Robert (comp; more likely)Prynne, William (comp.)An exact abridgement of the records in the Tower of London, from the reign of King Edward the Second, unto King Richard the Third, of all the Parliaments holden in each kings reign, and the several accounts in every Parliament: together with the names and titles of all the dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts, and barons, summoned to every of the said Parliaments. Collected by Sir Robert Cotton Knight and baronet. Revised, rectified in sundry mistakes, and supplied with a preface, marginal notes, several omissions, and exact tables, both of the special matters, great officers speakers, nobles, and other persons therein conteined. By William Prynne Esquire, a bencher of Lincolns Inne. 1657

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