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Spain, çala (19  October  1810) Unable to identify.
1843. Burton, p. 16
Possibly this previously annotated entry of 1793-07-15:
Burton, JohnA genuine and true journal of the most miraculous escape of the young Chevalier, from the battle of Culloden to his landing in France; taken from the mouths and journals of the very persons, who assisted him therein, partly wrote in London, and partly in Scotland: To which is added, a short account of what befell the Pr. in France, and the manner of taking him prisoner …: together with a brief relation of what became of those who composed his army … By an Englishman. 1749
OR (based on a reference to Burton in John Throsby's The supplementary volume to the Leicestershire views 1790, read by WG 1803-07-08): Burton, William
The description of Leicester Shire: containing matters of antiquity & historye, armorye, and genealogy.
Burton, Robert
The anatomy of melancholy. What it is. With all the kinds, causes, symptoms, prognotickes, and severall cures of it. In three maine partitions with their seuerall sections, members, and subsections. Philosophically, medicinally, historically, opened and cut up. By Democritus Iunior [pseud.] with a Satyricall preface, conducing to the following Discourse. Macrob. omne meum, Nihil meum.
1621 (first edition)
WG's sale catalog lists:
Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, First Edition Oxf. 1621 (item 351).

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