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Bacon's Letters, pp. 192 (9  July  1810) Bacon, Francis
Stephens, Robert (editor)
Letters of Sr. Francis Bacon: written during the reign of King James the First. Now collected, and augmented with several letters and memoires, address'd by him to the King and Duke of Buckingham, which were never before published. The whole being illustrated by an historical introduction and some observations, and dispos'd according to the series of time.
Bacon, Francis
Letters, memoirs, parliamentary affairs, state papers, &c. With some curious pieces in law and philosophy. Published from the originals of the Lord Chancellor Bacon by Robert Stephens. with an account of the life of Lord Bacon.
Bacon, Francis
Letters, speeches, charges, advices, &c. Now first puboished by Thomas Birch.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Bacon's (Fr.) Letters, Speeches, Charges, &c. now first published, by Tho. Birch 1763 (item 22).
Bacon's Letters, written during the reign of King James I, port. 1702 (item 334).
Bacon's Letters, Memoirs, State Papers, &c. edited by Rob. Stephens, port. 1736 (item 335).
Bacon's Works, with Life by Dr. Will. Rowley, portrait 1657 (item 404).
Another edition 1671 (item 405).

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