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North, çala (10  June  1810) Possibly:
North, Roger
The life of the Right Honourable Francis North, Baron of Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, under King charles II. and King James II. Wherein are inserted the characters of Sir matthew Hale, Sir George Jeffries, Sir Leoline Jenkins, Sidney Godolphin, and others the most eminent lawyers and statesmen of that time. By the honourable Roger North, Esq.
WG's History of the Commonwealth cites:
North's Life of Lord Keeper North, Vol. I (7:29).
North, Sir Thomas (translator)
Lives of the noble Grecians and Romanes, compared together by that graue learned philosopher and historiographer, Plutarke of Chaeronea. Translated out of Greeke into French by Iames Amyot, Abbot of Bellozare, Bishop of Auxerre, one of the Kings priuy counsel, and great Amner of Fraunce, and out of French into Englishe, by Thomas North.
A translation of Vitae parallelae. The lives of Hannibal and Scipio Africanus are attributed to Donato Acciaiuoli.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Plutarch's Lives of Noble Grecians and Romanes, transl. by Sir Thomas North, knt. 1612.
Guevara, Antonio de, bishop
North, Sir Thomas (translator)
The diall of princes. Compiled by the reuerende father in God, Don anthony of Guevara, Bysshop of Guadix. Preacher and cronicler to Charles the fyft Emperour of Rome. Englysshed out of the Frenche, by Thomas North, seconde sonne of the Lorde North. Ryght necessary and pleasaunt, to all gentylmen and others whiche are louers of vertue.

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