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Augustus, çala (18  August  1808) Probably:
Blackwell, ThomasMemoirs of the court of Augustus. By Thomas Blackwell… 1753-55
This work was continued and finished by John Mills:
Blackwell, ThomasMills, JohnVol. I-II. Memoirs of the court of Augustus, by Thomas Blackwell, … Vol. III. Memoirs of the court of Augustus, continued and completed from the original papers of the late Thomas Blackwell, … by John Mills, … 1760-1763
WG's sale catalog lists: Blackwell's (T.) Memoirs of the Court of Augustus, 3 vol. 1760.
Note: During the latter part of 1808, WG records ‘Augustus, çala,' ‘Blackwell,' and ‘Augustus,' the last followed by page numbers in a way that suggests he is writing something on Augustus. We record both ‘Blackwell' and ‘Augustus, çala' among the titles WG read, since he customarily used ‘çala' to record his reading.

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