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Maugraby, pp. 221 (14  August  1808) Chavis, DenisCazotte, JacquesArabian tales; being a continuation of the Arabian nights entertainments. Consisting of one thousand one stories, told by the Sultaness of the Indies. Translated from the Arabian manuscript into French, by Dom Chavis and M. Cazotte and now translated into English from the last French edition… (4 volumes) 1792 Edinburgh: Mudie
OR (possibly a variant title)
Chavis, DenisCazotte, JacquesHeron, Robert (translator)Arabian tales: or a continuation of the Arabian nights entertainments: consisting of stories related by the Sultana of the Indies to divert her husband from the performance of a rash vow. Newly translated from the original Arabic into French, by Dom Chavis, a native Arab, and M. Cazotte. And translated from the French into English, by Robert Heron. (4 volumes) 1792 Edinburgh: Bell and Bradfute etc.

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