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Sydney (11  May  1808) Unable to identify with certainty. Possibly the following work, since WG is reading the Sydney papers on 1808-06-14.
Collins, Arthur (editor)Sidney, Henry, SirSidney, Philip, SirSidney, RobertSidney, Robert, Earl of LeicesterLetters and memorials of state: in the reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles the First, part of the reign of King Charles the Second, and Oliver's usurpation. (2 volumes) 1746
Binder's title: Sydney's memoirs
WG's sale catalog lists:
Sidney's (Alg.) Discourses concerning Government, 2 vol. Edinb. 1750 (item 679)
Sidney (Alg.) Discourses concerning Government 1698 (item 890)
Sidney's (Alg.) Letters to the Honorable Henry Saville, 1679-82 1742 (item 680).
Sidney:--Memoirs of Algernon Sidney, by G. W. Meadley, port. 1813 (item 681).
**Sidney Papers:--Journal of Robert Sidney Earl of Leicester, and Letters of Algernon Sidney, edited by Blencowe 1825 (item 682).
as well as the following works by Sir Philip Sidney.
Sidney's (Sir Philip) Memoirs, by Dean Zouch, port. 1808 (item 819).
Sidney's (Sir P.) Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia 1598 (item 888)
Sidney's (Sir P.) Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia 1674 (item 889)
Sidney's Letters and Memorials of State, edited by Arthur Collins, port. of Sir Philip Sidney, 2 vol. 1746 (item 891).

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